Security Video Analytics Now In ELAN Cameras – ISE2019

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At ISE 2019 in Amsterdam, Bill Hensley steps into the frame while demonstrating the new ELAN range of dome cameras. The new cameras are fully integrated with IntelliVision video analytics technology, with intelligent alerts that trigger only when an object moves into the camera’s preset intrusion zone.

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Anti-Spoofing: Can You See The Real Me

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Is that really you Emily?

It seems that as soon as a security technology is invented, someone finds a way to break it. You’d think that facial recognition was a pretty fool-proof way to authenticate a real person. Your face is your face and it’s unique (apart from your evil twin that is). But what if I held a high resolution color picture of your face up to the camera? Or maybe a video on a cellphone? Could I fool a facial recognition system into thinking I was you? Maybe.

The way to ensure that the face in front of the camera is your actual face is to implement anti-spoofing. At IntelliVision…

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How Smart is Your City?

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Smart City = Safe City

Cities are becoming smarter. IoT is being implemented everywhere, improving the safety, security and convenience of city dwellers and workers, and the most important sensor in the Smart City is the video camera. But the days of beaming gigabytes of video into the cloud to be examined by human monitors is coming to an end.

AI-based video analytics are now being used to count cars and people, and to check for events such as crowd formation, illegal parking, and using LPR/ANPR to track vehicles either for parking convenience or for law enforcement.

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