Anti-Spoofing: Can You See The Real Me

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Is that really you Emily?

It seems that as soon as a security technology is invented, someone finds a way to break it. You’d think that facial recognition was a pretty fool-proof way to authenticate a real person. Your face is your face and it’s unique (apart from your evil twin that is). But what if I held a high resolution color picture of your face up to the camera? Or maybe a video on a cellphone? Could I fool a facial recognition system into thinking I was you? Maybe.

The way to ensure that the face in front of the camera is your actual face is to implement anti-spoofing. At IntelliVision…

…we’ve implemented anti-spoofing with a “liveness” test. 3D cameras are often cited as the only sure way to ensure a live face in front of the camera, but they are expensive. At IntelliVision we’ve implemented a liveness test for face recognition that can be used with regular 2D cameras. We check for small head and eye movements which show that the face is indeed a real one. Ensuring full security requires examining a number of video frames which may take a few seconds. So we give you a choice of settings between convenient, OK security, and waiting a few seconds to ensure maximum security. Either way, we can be pretty sure it’s the real you.

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