IntelliVision Presenting In Milestone Booth at ASISDate: August 23rd, 2016

IntelliVision is proud to announce that we will be attending ASIS Orlando 2016 as a part of Milestone’s booth this year. We recently completed our integration with Milestone earlier this August and are excited to finally showcase the robustness, accuracy and capabilities of this impressive collaboration. The ability to add analytics to several different video streams, seamlessly and simultaneously holds many different applications for users such as Perimeter Intrusion, Intelligent Traffic Systems, Vehicle & People Counting for several locations or access points, surveillance of large facilities and more. Milestone will be there demonstrating their new XProtect and Husky M500 Advanced Live as well so there will be plenty to see!

IntelliVision has been an industry leader in the Video Analytics Industry for over 12 years now with impressive video analytics capabilities that serve industries such as: Security & Surveillance, Smart Home & IoT, Smart City, Smart Retail, Intelligent Transportation Systems and even Cloud Analytics. We offer analytics such as Facial and License Plate Recognition, Traffic Analysis (Vehicle Count, Speed and Classification), Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Customer Demographics (Age, Gender, Mood), Object Left & Removed and many more. Video Analytics are one of the fastest growing trends in Video-based markets today, and IntelliVision can help transform your cameras into capable and intelligent machines that do much more than just record video. Companies today not only want to monitor, but also understand how and why a specific event is occurring. Companies are now using our analytics to not only gather data, but also to understand and predict trends to make their systems more efficient. Here at IntelliVision we are the “Brains Behind the Eyes” and we would love to talk to you about just how we can do that for you. Schedule a time to meet with us at ASIS Orlando, Booth 3419, and we can show you just how your video system can become more than just a piece of equipment, but rather an intelligent machine.

Authors: Tim Han & Shachi Kakkar

Security Solutions

To understand the direction that the Security and Surveillance industry is moving towards we must first understand the current technologies being utilized within this industry. Today, surveillance is envisioned as security personnel sitting in a dark room, looking at several monitors usually eating a donut or two. They are watching and monitoring several different video streams from cameras placed throughout a property, looking for any suspicious behaviors or people. If these guards take their eyes off the monitor screens for even a brief second, they could potentially miss a critical event such as a burglary or intrusion. In a world where the standards of security are growing rapidly, enterprises and individuals are constantly seeking better solutions that are efficient and reliable. This is where Video Analytics come in to play.

Many people ask, “What are ‘Video Analytics’ exactly?” Video Analytics, or Video Analysis is quite simply the process of analyzing a video stream and applying different settings to detect factors that generate specific events and alerts which get relayed back to the user. This is similar to when someone trips a sensor as they enter a store and it creates a beeping sound. However, Video Analytics can go beyond simple trip sensors: Intelligent Video Analytics have the capabilities for even more sophisticated levels of analysis like Motion Detection, Face Detection, Face Recognition and more. Intelligent Video Analytics allow for a much deeper understanding of what is happening in a scene, separating the important events from those that are insignificant.

Reverting back to the surveillance room we envisioned earlier; instead of the guards missing a critical event, they are now focusing their time in observing those moments when an important event like a burglary occurs. This increases the overall productivity of the surveillance personnel, reducing the need for several people monitoring a premise to only a few. A single camera can now analyze an endless number of events, making the system multi-faceted and cost-effective. Overall, Intelligent Video Analytics increase the productivity of security personnel, decrease costs, and are extremely versatile and accurate.

IntelliVision has the largest suite of Video Analytics spanning several industries such as Security, Transportation and Retail. IntelliVision is an industry leader with almost 14 years of experience in creating Video Analytics for some of the most impressive defense and private sector companies in the world. We have been providing high accuracy low latency analytics successfully in the Security Industry for over a decade. Due to the high accuracy of our technology, we refer to ourselves as “The Brains Behind the Eyes”. If you are interested in learning more about our products and how our Video Analytics can benefit your business, please Request a Demo at the top right of this page. Thank you.