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Audio Analytics for Smart Cameras

IntelliVision provides a powerful and accurate range of audio analytics that can recognize a wide variety of typical sounds. Most cameras have an audio channel and this can be utilized in addition to video.

AI Audio Analytics for Cameras

Many different sounds can be recognized and used either as alerts or to trigger recording or other events. IntelliVision Audio Analytics can recognize the following sounds:

Available Now:

  • Glass Breaking
  • Smoke/Fire Alarm
  • Loud/Abnormal Sound

Coming Soon:

  • Aggressive Voices
  • Gunshot
  • Dog Barking
  • Baby Crying

Smoke alarms, breaking glass and loud noises such as raised voices or even gunshots can be detected and used to trigger an event or sent to a smart phone on or off the premises.

Security in reception areas and lobbies can be enhanced by detecting loud noises such as aggressive voices, alerting security personnel to potential threats.

Great addition to Smart Home applications for security in an empty home during the day or night. The sound of a dog barking or glass breaking can be used to trigger recording or can be sent to a smart phone.

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