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Explore the Advanced Features of Our License Plate Recognition Technology

By Alana,

Automatic license plate or number plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR) provides immediate benefits for law enforcement, parking agencies, security teams, government buildings and more. While LPR is used in many different cases, it’s proven to be effective at deterring crime, analyzing and collecting data, and providing agencies with real-time solutions.

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In addition to the many LPR user, our License Plate Recognizer products also support Smart Parking applications. Our AI-based license plate detection, recognition and search solution has an accuracy as high as 98 percent and is used to detect and recognize license plates on moving and stationary vehicles. The technology can detect and recognize number plate from over 25 countries and can also detect different license plate styles, including regular and stacked license plates.

Added Benefits of ALPR/ANPR

Vehicle monitoring is a large part of outdoor security and surveillance, and LPR is an integral part of this task. The product works with live cameras as well as archived video. See how our advanced technology can work for you:

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  • Supports processing of single frames and video streams
  • Compares detected plates against a watch list database and provides real-time alerts on plate matches
  • Provides detailed reports
  • Handles different plate styles, e.g. regular/stacked
  • Can be used for electronic toll collection (ETC)
  • Can be connected to gate systems for automated parking access control

Our LPR technology has advanced features and is easy to deploy with a wide variety of cameras.

Other important features include:

  • Detect, recognize and search for license plates in real-time or archived footage
  • Enables automated matching against a watchlist with real-time alerting
  • Allows vehicles to be tracked across multiple cameras or locations
  • Records and logs all license plates at a scene for later forensic investigation

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