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Channel Partner Program

At IntelliVision, we provide market-leading video analytics technology, products and solutions to customers around the world. Unlock the benefits of the IntelliVision Channel Partner Program and join a band of dedicated integrators and dealers. Grow your business with access to expert training, marketing resources, free evaluation/demo software, customer leads, product support and valuable discounts.

What's In The IntelliVision Channel Partner Program

Signing up for IntelliVision’s Channel Partner Program opens a treasure chest of product and resources that will grow your smart camera business with intelligent, AI-based video analytics, whether in home or building security, Smart Retail, Smart City or Smart Auto.

Key Features of the Channel Partner Program

  • Product Demo Licenses – create your killer app and demonstrate your solution to your customer using free, limited licenses of evaluation software. Anything from facial recognition, intrusion detection and object left/removed, to smart retail, people counting, video summary and license plate recognition.
  • Product Training – learn how to use IntelliVision products from the people that know them best. From integration with our APIs and third party VMSs, to the optimal camera distance, fps, GPU requirements and best practices for training faces, you’ll get everything you need for a successful deployment at your first and your hundredth customer.
  • Product Support – though you’ll be providing your customers with first line support, as a channel partner you can be sure that IntelliVision has your back. From maintenance releases to deep engineering support, you’ll have access to the best technical resources.
  • Qualified Customer Leads – with our ongoing outbound marketing we are continuously producing leads from potential end-user customers that are ready for development by our channel partners. And by registering leads in our database we’ll make sure that no more than one partner receives the same lead.
  • Marketing Resources – give us a customer success story and we’ll put it on our dedicated channel partner solutions webpage. We may even send out a press release. We’ll provide sales and marketing tools including presentations, competitive analysis, data sheets, white papers, customer stories, demo videos, and content for your own marketing activities.
  • Discounts on Product – as a channel partner we want to help grow your business as well as ours. So you’ll be able to resell IntelliVision products at substantial discounts, depending on the volume of your sales.
Product demo licenses, product training, product support, product discounts.

Silver Level

Product demo licenses, product training, product support, product discounts.

Gold Level

Gold Level

Product demo licenses, product training, product support, bigger product discounts, customer leads.

Platinum Level

Platinum Level

Product demo licenses, product training, product support, even bigger product discounts, customer leads, marketing resources.

        Become A Channel Partner

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