Google Ranks IntelliVision #1 for Smart Camera Analytics and AI Video Analytics

Also Highly Ranked for Deep Learning and Intelligent Video Analytics

SAN JOSE, CA, Jan 24, 2018 – IntelliVision, a pioneer and leader in AI/deep learning video analytics software for Smart Cameras, today announced that it is top of the Google organic search rankings for the terms “smart camera analytics,” “smart camera video analytics,” “AI video analytics,” and “AI deep learning video analytics.”

“IntelliVision is pleased to be ranked #1 by Google, a result of many years of technology innovation and customer deployments in the real world,” said Vaidhi Nathan, IntelliVision’s CEO. “Getting to the top of Google SERPs is no longer just about SEO techniques,” he added. “Company longevity, market-leading products, authoritative, quality content that really speaks to users and a global web presence are what it takes today. And that describes IntelliVision’s video analytics offerings.”

IntelliVision is also in the top 4 results for the terms “deep learning video analytics,” “video surveillance analytics,” “CCTV video analytics,” and “intelligent video analytics.” It is the only video analytics software company ranked this high over so many keywords.

IntelliVision’s AI/deep learning video analytics product line includes:

  • Face Detection, Recognition and Search
  • Intelligent Motion, Object Detection and Tracking
  • Intrusion/Perimeter Watch
  • Object Classification (People, Vehicle, Pet)
  • License Plate Detection and Recognition (LPR/ANPR)
  • Audio/Sound Recognition

IntelliVision’s video analytics products are in use in over 4 million cameras around the world. IntelliVision has been named a Red Herring 2017 Global Top 100 Company and has been awarded Entrepreneurial Company of the Year 2017 in Security and Video Analytics by analyst group Frost and Sullivan.

About IntelliVision

IntelliVision is a market leader in AI and deep learning-based video analytics software for smart cameras, providing video analytics solutions for several markets including Smart Home/IoT, Smart Security, Smart Retail, Smart City and Smart Auto/ADAS. IntelliVision technology has been recognized as the Brains Behind the Eyes™ for many applications deploying and using cameras to provide actionable insights and real-time alerts to other home, business and security systems. IntelliVision provides the largest suite of video analytic products in the market today. Its products are used by Fortune 500 companies, the US Government and many leading brands. IntelliVision is a privately-held company headquartered in San Jose, California with offices in Asia and Europe.

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