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Product Overview

IntelliVision makes software video analytic products designed to add intelligence to video. As the name suggests, Intellivision’s products process video to produce a specific result to trigger and record unique events. Our video analytics products are grouped into five unique categories that perform the following:

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) – The processing of video to detect objects, motion, and direction or change of direction.

Video Enhancement or Image Signal Processing Solutions (ISP) – The process of enhancing video such as stabilization, panoramic or mosaic, adding wide dynamic, or enhancing camera night vision.

Recognition – The process of running several video analytics functions in a dedicated engine to do video recognition. For example, license plate recognition or face recognition.

Video Search & Video Summary – The process of summarizing key event in long video sequences, or searching for a particular video from vast amounts of video storage using IntelliVision’s proprietary deep video mining algorithms.

Business Intelligence (BI) Video Analytics – The process of using video analytics to provide business intelligence including counting, consumer demographics, age, and shopping preference.

IntelliVision software is scalable and can be embedded, PC/server, or cloud-based. A typical video analytics solution would be customized and consist of one or more of the above video analytics categories and contain one or more video analytics. These groupings—or packages—are known as the IntelliVision SMART, VISIONARY, and GENIUS packages and are summarized below:

IntelliVision SMART
A SMART package would consist of one or more IVA and/or one or more ISP video analytics.

IntelliVision VISIONARY
A VISIONARY package would include the SMART package in addition to one or more recognition analytic and/or video search & video summary video analytics.

IntelliVision GENIUS
A GENIUS package would run any combination of all five video analytics categories. GENIUS is IntelliVision’s cloud-based video analytics solution. The GENIUS software is designed to allow video analytics to provide business intelligence (BI) to create information dashboards on real-time events. The GENIUS package is also designed to complement security and access services, or Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) and Video Access as a service (VaaS). The GENIUS package is also a complete Video Analytics as a Service (VAaaS) solution.