IntelliVision’s ITS – Transportation solutions have been deployed in a number of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and parking applications. In many of these applications the camera, combined with IntelliVision’s Video Analytics, is being used to replace more expensive traditional equipment systems such as traffic light vehicle detection and counting using inductive loops embedded in the road. IntelliVision’s ITS and Parking Video Analytics suites are being used for city transport and parking applications as well as ports of transport such as airports, shipping ports, and other mass transport applications.
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ITS - Transportation Solutions

IntelliVision’s products and solutions in the ITS/transportation and parking markets include:

Video panorama seamlessly stitching multiple videos into one large, panoramic view in real-time

GPS and GIS (port geographic information system) mapping

Traffic light control systems and congestion monitoring

License Plate Detection and Recognition

People and Vehicle tracking

Advanced motion detection

Motion and speed analysis

Zone detection and intrusion

Through our diverse range of product offerings, IntelliVision can help provide you with cost-effective and state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems.