IntelliVision’s “Face Recognizer” product is a highly accurate Face Recognition solution that detects, recognizes, and records people’s faces that appear in a camera’s field of view. It identifies/verifies one or more persons in the scene using a stored database of faces. The product’s detection capability allows it to identify and extract human faces in a camera’s field of view and record them for future retrieval and forensic analysis. The product’s recognition capability allows it to search an existing database of faces and compare them with the faces detected in the scene to find a match. Face Recognizer detects “people of interest” and provides real-time alerts upon detecting certain faces in the scene.

Face Detector & Search (FDS) is an intelligent and powerful face detection, logging, and search solution.

FDS is a key tool for security professionals. Though video archiving solutions provide complete records of what happened in the scene, they do not allow for someone to quickly scan people present in the scene to shortlist, target, and identify potential miscreants.

FDS can identify and capture human faces from still images, live video, and pre-recorded video clips. The images are saved along with the camera identification and a time stamp for later review.

FDS can be deployed to improve security at government, commercial, and industrial sites. Service establishments such as banks, casinos, retail stores, hotels, and restaurants can use FDS to improve customer service and security.

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Highly Accurate Face Recognition Solutions

Key Features of “Face Recognizer”

High Accuracy: Face Recognition accuracy 95% on public standard data set

Contrast and image quality: Good crisp and high quality, no-blur images are required

Real time: Recognition real time and off line are possible

Available with API/SDK for partners and external systems

Available as Web/Server Application, and through Cloud Interface

Open architecture and easy integration of alerts via http/XML

Available on Windows, Linux, Inside camera, Cloud solution and embedded systems, Those are all 7 features.

Key Benefits of “Face Recognizer”

Enables security professionals to shortlist, target, and identify intruders, loiterers, and potential

Creates an automated log of people in the camera or scene which can be used for forensic investigations

Enables automated matching against a watchlist with real time alerting

Face Recognition and Detection based on real time video processing

Enables automated matching against a watchlist with real time alerting

Increases productivity and efficiency of security professionals.

Easy to deploy with a wide variety of cameras

High accuracy

Urban and Public area monitoring

Applications of “Face Recognizer”

Face Recognizer is ideal for


Law enforcement



Face Recognizer can be deployed with Access Control Systems, ATM windows, service and ticketing Counters, retail POS counters, doorways and passageways, lobby and reception areas.