IntelliVision believes in supporting and rewarding the efforts of partners who continuously leverage our technology for the benefit of their customers. This is why the partner program was created with three cornerstones in mind: best of breed products, unparalleled support, and tiered success-driven incentives. We detail these components in our partner portal to ensure transparency and consistency.

The IntelliVision Smart Dealer Program is unique due to the breadth of IntelliVision’s capabilities. Our products allow you to offer valuable solutions to your customers across multiple markets including:

1. Security & surveillance
2. Parking Management, Transportation, ITS
3. Retail

IntelliVision offers the largest range of standalone video analytics and video content analysis products in the market thus allowing our partners to expand into new markets and verticals thereby growing your business and gaining more market share.

Best-of-Breed Products

IntelliVision offers the largest product line among all pure video analytics players on the globe. This allows us and our partners to solve a variety of problems for their customers, enter new verticals and establish a brand known for leading-edge solutions. The products IntelliVision offers cover the security, retail, ITS and parking management markets:

Security & Surveillance

  • License Plate Recognition
  • Face Recognition, Search and Detection
  • Face Redaction / Privacy Protection
  • Intelligent Video Analytics Suite
    • Intrusion Detector
    • Camera Tamper Detector
    • Loitering
    • Line Crossing
    • Wrong Direction
    • People and Vehicle Counter
    • Object Left Behind / Abandoned
    • Object Removed / Asset Protection
    • Object Stopped

Retail Business Intelligence and Analytics

  1. Customer Counting
  2. Customer Metrics
  3. Dwell Time
  4. Queue Management
  5. Traffic Map
  6. People Watch List
  7. Managed Cloud Services

Parking Management, Transportation and ITS

  • Vehicle Detection
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Vehicle Counting
  • Parking Lot / Garage Car occupancy and availability
  • Vehicle Speed Detection
  • Incident Detection
  • Vehicle Watch List


IntelliVision is aware of the perception of unfamiliarity and complexity that video analytics. Security systems alone can be daunting and difficult so we are striving to take the pain away from analytics. Our products are designed to be as easy as possible to install, set up and deploy. When you couple that with the support structure we have established for this program, installations should be a breeze.

Partner Portal: IntelliVision’s Smart Dealer Portal is designed with small and large integrators, resellers and dealers in mind. We want it to be easy to access and we want it to have all of the information and tools you need to get the job done. Once you become an approved and authorized IntelliVision Smart Dealer, you will have access to the following tools within the partner portal:

  • Marketing Collateral – brochures, datasheets, presentations, demo videos
  • Price Book – MSRP of all products, with suggested volume discounts, product packaging suggestions and more.
  • Training tools – user manuals, tutorial videos, camera set up guidelines, CPU consumption details and recorded webinars
  • Project Registration Forms – protect your project and receive special discounts by registering your project through the partner portal. Once registered you will receive dedicated sales and technical support and special project pricing.
  • Special Support Contacts – dedicated phone lines and emails, separated from our other support lines, will be available exclusively to our smart dealer partners.
  • Product Downloads – download our products from any computer with internet access for quick and easy ways to demo to customers, provide proof of concepts or test our analytics.

Incentives & Sharing Success

IntelliVision believes our success is completely dependent on the success of our partners. It is our duty to properly incentivize our channel partners so that they remain motivated to push the IntelliVision product lines and pursue large projects. This is why we have created a three-tiered partner classification structure that allows for partners to earn more rewards and benefits by selling more in order to reach higher levels of the Smart Dealer Program.

Smart Dealer Level

Every approved and authorized integrators, resellers, dealer begins at the “Smart” level. You will maintain this level of partnership by selling $50,000 worth of IntelliVision’s best of breed video analytics products in a calendar year. Smart Dealers receive the following standard benefits:

  • 30% off MSRP on all IntelliVision products
  • US based support during business hours
  • Company name and logo in the partner page
  • Full access to the partner portal

Visionary Dealer Level

Once a smart dealer has proven their loyalty and commitment to offering leading edge video analytics products into the market by achieving a revenue goal of over $50,000 and up to $250,000 in a calendar year, they are upgraded to the Visionary Dealer Level. At the Visionary level, in addition to the Smart Level benefits, partners have earned the following:

  • 35% off the MSRP
  • 24/7 customer support by Skype or email from worldwide IntelliVision offices
  • Spotlights on the IntelliVision website and monthly newsletter
  • Invitation to the annual IntelliVision Dealer Appreciation Summit held in Silicon Valley, CA

Genius Dealer Level

This is the highest and most prestigious dealer level that IntelliVision offers and is achieved by surpassing $250,000 of revenue in a calendar year. Only elite dealers will achieve this which is why we have set aside our most valuable benefits exclusively for Genius level partners, including:

  • 40% off the MSRP
  • 24/7/365 worldwide customer by phone, with dedicated support staff.
  • Exclusive announcement via IntelliVision email newsletter
  • Honorary Trophy
  • Invitation to the annual IntelliVision Appreciation Summit with special VIP exclusive events

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