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Smart Home

The most important sensor in the growing Smart Home market is the smart camera. The Smart Home market covers the Internet of Things (IoT), consumer wearables, health and asset monitoring, and IntelliVision’s intelligent video analytics and recognition products are an essential component of all these applications.

Making the Connected Home into a Smart Home

IntelliVision’s Smart Home solution consists of a number of products that address different facets of the connected home, from security and asset protection to baby monitoring and pet watching.

Key Features of Smart Home

  • Asset tracking and object left/removed
  • Camera tamper
  • Area/zone intrusion and exit
  • Baby watch, including human detect, light on/off
  • Door camera – human detect, facial recognition, object detect
  • Pet watch – pet tracking, human detect, lack of movement
  • Video search/summary – quickly scan stored video for events

Capture home security events on video for later search, or monitor in real-time from a smart phone

Replace doorbell/peephole with a camera to detect object left, recognize faces and detect when people enter/exit

Monitor the health and wellbeing of pets and babies from elsewhere in the home or remotely


The Smart Home

Monitor With A Smart Phone

With IntelliVision’s Smart Home solution, all the assets of the home can be monitored from a smart phone. Objects left or removed, a person loitering outside, camera tamper, lights on/off, area zone intrusion, etc. It’s just like you were there in the house.

Watch Out For Pets

Pets are family too. And they can be monitored remotely while you are at work or away. Features like live video, human detect, lack of movement and pet detect can ensure that you can keep an eye on your furry friend.

Keep An Eye On The Home

With a video camera on the outside of your home you can be sure that you’ll know about any events as soon as they happen. An object left at the door, unusual vehicle activity, or worse, smoke/fire alarms. And no need to scan through hours of video for important events. Video can be set to record only actual events, or you can record everything and quickly skim through it later with Intelligent Video Summary.

Why Smart Home from IntelliVision?

Home Security

Track people and objects coming to the door. Recognize family faces. Detect camera tampering.

Family Health

Monitor children’s rooms for human activity, light on/off. Remotely monitor pet activity and health.

Video Summary

Easily scan through a whole day’s video in minutes and just view the important events.

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