IntelliVision offers a complete suite of video-based products, solutions and analytics for the retail environment. Retailers add significant value in the distribution of goods and services; the ability to provide this value consistently across multiple retail channels is vital for success. Brick and mortar locations make up the primary channel of many retailers. Until recently, physical locations relied on archaic methods of data generation that missed key components of the in-store customer experience. Managing product, services and staff on a large scale while adjusting to consumer demands can be difficult without timely and up-to-date information. We provide a number of services that can deliver the needed information to streamline decisions and create more value for the customer.

Smart Retail Security Solutions

Our Retail Analytics products and solutions take advantage of sensory equipment (most often cameras) combined with analytical software to gather data on store operations and customer trends.

Know more about customers going in and out of locations; age, gender, patterns and preferences.

Know where customers are going on their way to checkout or why they are leaving empty handed.

Know which products and promotions are hot and which are not.

Know if service staff is adequately attending to the needs of the customer.

Have the data to back up buying decisions.

Have the data to efficiently distribute staff.

Through our various product offerings, we can provide the needed information to operate brick and mortar locations efficiently and effectively.