VideoRedacter is designed primarily to redact (blur) faces on archive video (clips). It’s typical use case is for videos collected by police departments from body cameras worn by police officers. When police departments release these videos to the media, they redact people’s faces to protect their privacy. VideoRedacter can assist the police departments in accomplishing that goal. It can automatically detect faces in any video source and redact them. At the same time, it also offers the ability to manually redact any arbitrary region of the video. So nametags, license plates or any other text can also be hidden by using this feature. One can also redact (mute) any section of the audio.

VideoRedacter has an option to allow the user to decide whether a face needs to be redacted or not so that all faces are not automatically redacted. Our tool works like a video-editing tool and you can seek to any point in the video and undo/redo the redaction regions. Once you are completely satisfied with all the modifications, you can create the redacted output clip. The original clip remains untouched. The output clip can be used as input again to do another pass, if so desired. VideoRedacter works on a variety of codecs like h264, mp4, xvid, etc.

Intelligent Face Redaction ServicesIntelligent Face Redaction Services
Intelligent Face Redaction Services