In the same way that the mobile phone evolved from being a telephone device to being a smartphone, IntelliVision is developing the technologies that are turning the camera into a smart camera to create the “Brains Behind the Eyes.” At the heart of this evolution is the ability to process, recognize, and act on recognizable objects and real-time events. In essence, we are adding the “Brains Behind the Eyes” that is creating the smart camera market for the smart home.

The smart home market covers the Internet of Things (IoT), consumer wearables, health, and asset monitoring. In all of these applications, the most popular sensor is the video camera. IntelliVision’s intelligent video analytics and recognition suites, or custom versions of these, are used extensively in this market.

Our software analytic libraries are simply installed during manufacturing. The end user is able to customize their alerts, being notified when an event of their choosing occurs, thereby minimizing false alerts. This addition of analytics in the camera also eliminates the need to record video 24/7. Recording can be programmed to occur only when an event occurs. In addition, the user can be immediately notified and can then view the event whenever convenient.

Using IntelliVision’s VISIONARY analytics a number of customized analytics packages for the camera’s intended market and based on the camera’s hardware capabilities have been deployed. This offers camera manufacturers the ability to offer a unique, “value add” camera, based solely on the software. Below is a representative grouping of our analytics for various target markets in the smart home/IoT market.

Smart Home Technology