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Video Summary

Archived security video can be long and boring. In the majority of scenes most of the archived video consists of just a static background without any people, vehicles, or objects of interest, forcing security professionals to go through a time-consuming review of archived video in order to reconstruct events. IntelliVision’s Video Summary changes all that.

Video Summary

Video Summary is a fast and powerful application that reduces a long, archived video into a short, manageable video summary. Video Summary reduces the time required to analyze archived video by removing unnecessary video data such as static or empty scenes. Video Summary quickly analyzes the video and removes the static background data while retaining the relevant data. This allows security professionals to quickly review hours of archived video in minutes. Video Summary can receive video input from many different types of video archives recorded on DVRs, NVRs, or video management systems. It can also provide real-time video summaries on live video feeds from analog, digital, or IP/network cameras.

Key Features of Video Summary

  • Integrates with analog, IP/network and digital cameras
  • Takes video input from DVR and NVR/video management solutions
  • Enables security professionals to rapidly search for past incidents from archived video
  • Outputs in a standard video file format for easy review by any media player
  • Configurable duration of video summary allows varying levels of detail
  • Increase productivity and efficiency of security professionals

Useful For All Video Surveillance Systems

Use with DVRs, NVRs and video management systems

Many Different Situations/Locations

Useful in home security cameras, airports, ports and government installations. Entertainment, casinos, banks, law enforcement and retail stores.

Different Configurations

Available as a server-based solution or API toolkit


Video Summary

Save Time

Reduce security video review time from hours to minutes

Never Miss an Event

Filter out all the static and empty scenes just leaving the ones with events in them

Find a Needle in a Haystack

Configurable playback speed allows for varying levels of detail

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