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Why IntelliVision?

Vaidhi Nathan, IntelliVision’s CEO, explains why you should select IntelliVision for your AI-based Smart Camera solution.

Why IntelliVision?

For almost 10 years IntelliVision has been providing intelligent video analytics to make dumb cameras into Smart Cameras. We have always been at the forefront of computer vision technology and our investment some time ago in the growing field of AI, neural networks and deep learning has paid off. Our facial and license plate recognition technology at up to 99% accuracy is now one of the fastest and most accurate in the industry, comparing favorably with tech giants Facebook and Google, and our ADAS product for advanced driver assistance dashcams is helping 1.5M drivers drive more safely.

With multiple PhDs on our staff, more than 125 patents in our software and over 4 million cameras around the world running our software, it’s no wonder that leading camera chip vendors recommend IntelliVision for their SoCs. Our portfolio of intelligent video and audio analytics products is unmatched in the industry, allowing System Integrators and solution providers to build market-leading solutions across many different markets.

IntelliVision software runs on more than 4 million cameras
          worldwide and contains more than 125 patents.

Most other video analytics software runs either in-camera or on-cloud, but not both. IntelliVision is unique in being able to run in all possible configurations – in-camera, on-premise, on-cloud – or any combination, making the most efficient use of CPU, memory and bandwidth resources. And IntelliVision’s technology and forward thinking have been recognized by industry watchers everywhere:

  • Red Herring Top 100 North America
  • Technavio Top 5 Video Analytics Vendors
  • Markets and Markets Top 14 Video Analytics Vendors
  • CIO Review Top 20 Video Surveillance Vendors
  • Retail CIO Outlook Top 10 Analytics Vendors
  • Frost & Sullivan 2017 Entrepreneurial Company of the
    Year, Security and Video Analytics

Why IntelliVision? Let's summarize.

Proven technology deployed in over 4 million cameras worldwide; a complete solution with a large portfolio of video and audio analytics for in-camera, on-premise and on-cloud; Video Cloud software and services; AI and Deep Learning technologies for high accuracy in low-cost hardware; and lastly a portfolio of over 125 patents.

So please join companies like Ambarella, Dallmeier, Netgear, Pelco, Qualcomm, Schneider Electric, Swann, Zebra and many more who were glad they selected IntelliVision to put the “smart” in Smart Camera.

Vaidhi Nathan, CEO

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